We provides tailor made solutions for all kind of logistic and forwarding need.

Trade has always been considered the backbone of the world’s Economy.

At Sigma Trans International S.p.a. our goal is to move goods around the globe from point A to point B seamlessly and on time, ensuring that all administrative and compliance fulfillments have been take care of.


Acting on a day to day basis as if we where your in-house shipping department will enable You to focus on Your real business rather than on how your goods travel the world.
Our passion is to help companies being successful by leveraging the expertise of our amazing people. A powerful mix of know-how, innovation, reliability, responsibility and integrity servicing Your business 24/7.


To accompish our Mission of moving goods seamlessly around the globe an incredible international reach and a deep local knowledge are required .
In over 20 years Sigma Trans International developed an enviable partners network to ensure your goods are never alone, anyware.
Mebers of our staff are monthly flying around the world reinforcing these partnerships to offer You the best possible assistance worldwide.


Compliance is nowdays of outmost importance.
Our team is looking out for You and has a great experience in the field.
Sigma Trans International is certified:


ISO 9001 – from Bureau Veritas


Licenced Customs broker